"The best book for an overview of stolen art" - Theodora Clarke
“The History of Loot and Stolen Art”
Focuses on the leading looters throughout history such as
Alexander the Great, Doge Enrico Dandolo, Napoleon, Hitler
and Stalin in 400 pages detailing how and what they looted.
Ivan Lindsay
Ivan Lindsay

Book reviews of “The History of Loot an Stolen Art”.

“Rulers and conquerors throughout history have long considered art to be one of the most important symbols of power. That is why valuable works and objects have always been appropriated during military campaigns. The art looting during World War Two, especially in Germany and the Soviet Union, has been the subject of numerous publications and even the recent Hollywood film 'The Monuments Men'. A new book by Ivan Lindsay makes a valuable addition to this list. An art historian and well-known art dealer, Lindsay extends his critical eye beyond the twentieth century and examines art appropriation cases throughout history.

The History of Loot and Stolen Art' is really a world history which starts with classical antiquity and ends with the present day. We hear stories and anecdotes from the Ancient Greeks to Napoleon. Lindsay has chosen to focus on more than 40 major historical figures of emperors, kings, queens, popes, adventurers and explorers. This book is the first to provides a comprehensive historical overview of art theft. He also includes an interesting discussion on the various motivations behind the greatest looters’ actions.

Lindsay's book is supported by extensive research material from archives and contemporary sources, providing both factual information and exciting anecdotes about each period. This variety of information is blended together to produce an accessible and well-written book, which should be of interest to both the academic and general reader. The text is richly illustrated with color reproductions and black and white archival photographs, turning the reading process into a brilliant visual journey through the history of art and power.”

“Ivan Lindsay’s 'The History of Loot and Stolen Art' documents the murkier transactions that are conducted in the art world, from smuggled sarcophagi to “souvenir hunting” in post-war Europe.

Whilst other works (including the recent Hollywood film, The Monuments Men) have focussed exclusively on the 20th century looting conducted by the Nazis and the Soviets, Lindsay’s analysis extends from the Ancient Greeks right up to 21st Century thefts, and provides the first comprehensive overview of art theft throughout history.

Boasting a wide range of supporting evidence from archives and contemporary sources, it seamlessly blends factual information with diverting anecdotes.

Lindsay’s tone is academic yet accessible, accompanied by beautiful reproductions of key works, and provides a keen insight into the corrupting influence of money and power in the world of art.”