Lecture by Ivan Lindsay at University Of York – June 13th: “Art Theft and Looting Throughout History.”

Ivan Lindsay will be at the University or York on June 13th, 2015 at 1:15 PM to give a lecture about Art theft and looting throughout history based on his book “The History Of Loot and Stolen Art”. Tickets are available here. Looting has been motivation for some of the major conflicts throughout history. Join

Midori House Radio 804 Interview with Ivan Lindsay

Here is a radio interview with Author Ivan Lindsay by Midori House 804 Radio.

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What a Loot! Country & Town House Magazine book review

Our book is getting a lot of worldwide attention. Country and Town House Magazine has written an insightful new article about the art history book as well as Ivan Lindsay, the Author.  Here is the article in case you missed it! COUNTRYANDTOWNHOUSE.CO.UK | April 2015 Art theft exerts a strange power over the human imagination.

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